Global Pharmaceutical Company

Building collaboration across scientific disciplines after an acquisition…


A major pharmaceutical company had acquired a much smaller and younger company for its innovative discovery technologies and people. The acquired company needed the resources of the larger firm to help it put its ideas to work. The difficulty was that the two companies had very different cultures and histories. The scientists had very different ways of approaching discovery and represented different generations of scientific thought and accomplishment. For this acquisition to realize any benefits for either company, everyone had to learn how to integrate their approaches and achieve a more efficient drug development process.


Rick worked with ArnzenGroup to design and lead the DDPE for 300 scientists from across both organizations and multiple disciplines and responsibilities. Over the course of a day and a half, these scientists explored all major phases of the drug development process. They worked in cross-functional, cross-organizational teams to build understanding of approaches and opportunities. They also met in functional groups to derive conclusions. By the end of the day, the whole group began to make plans for better linkages and information exchange. Improvements in communication, process linkages and knowledge sharing began almost immediately.