Meeting Coach


Most advice for improving meetings focuses on changing behaviors or following meeting rules or norms. But changing behavior or following rules is difficult under the best of circumstances. Instead, leaders can change the structure of their meetings—a better structure naturally leads to more productive behavior. We help leaders select the best structures for their particular meetings whether they are regular staff meetings, board meetings, special strategic planning sessions, or other discussions.

Leading Great MeetingsWe have helped leaders run better meetings in corporations (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, HP Hood), nonprofit organizations (International Federation of the Red Cross, Mass School Nurses Organization), and numerous boards of community organizations.

Our coaching draws upon the practices and examples presented in Leading Great Meetings: How to Structure Yours for Success.

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Rick is professional, reliable and has extraordinary technical knowledge of meeting design and organizational development. Many of Rick’s tips and tools to create engaging meetings have become standard practice for me. He has helped me become a more skillful manager. Rick’s bias toward driving change through authentic conversations have helped me stay focused and generate results.

NGO Executive

Your suggestions, following our discussion for the agenda, were very helpful and proved to be most effective with the board members. The attendees felt included throughout the meeting and left energized (as per comments shared throughout the evening and as members were leaving). I kind of marvel at how well the discussion went and so easily. The approach was really a no-brainer, yet we’d never done anything like it before.

Board President