Workshops & Webinars

Workshops &

We offer workshops and webinars designed to help you and your organization have more productive discussions, increase creativity and alignment, build vision and strategy, engage diverse points of view, and build stakeholder support. You acquire specific examples and tools to implement the choices to structure effective board, staff, or project meetings.

Here are some examples of our workshops and webinars.

Meeting CoachFrom Functional to Dynamic: Tools for More Effective Board Meetings

Acquire practical tools and ideas to conduct productive discussions that build more insightful decisions with better alignment and commitment.

Building Stakeholder Commitment to Your Goals

Learn practices to structure multi-stakeholder meetings that create effective dialogue across diverse participants, generate constructive input on proposals, and build effective engagement in meetings of any size.

Custom Workshops and Webinars

Rick presenting2We give workshops on meeting challenges ranging from strategic planning to effective boards. We can help you improve your own meeting leadership and change the culture of meetings in your organization. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Mr. Lent was not only interesting but he had some great real life/real time examples of how to improve communication. It was a mix of psychology and communication techniques that made sense.

Nonprofit Executive

Real goals and steps came out to help the Board focus on future endeavors. Short term goals and next steps identified through excellent small group discussions.

Nonprofit Board Executive